Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Talk: A PLACE TO CALL HOME by Alexis Deacon, Illustrated by Viviane Schwarz

Hey everybody, I have a book to share with you:  A PLACE TO CALL HOME written by Alexis Deacon and illustrated by Viviane Schwarz. (Published by Walker Books 2011). 

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this book because it reminded me how I had intended to look up more of author/illustrator Viviane Schwarz's work after reading THERE ARE CATS IN THIS BOOK. I love the expressions she gives her characters, and the over all life in her pictures.
The author of A PLACE TO CALL HOME,  Alexis Deacon has been a great discovery for me as well, he is a very good author and illustrator.

This book is cute, it's funny, it's about a crew of (gopher? hamster?) siblings who out grow their cozy hole. They are a bit disoriented as they embark upon a search for a new home. Things like this happen:

This book cracks me up. I am sure you would enjoy it too.

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