Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Talk: A PLACE TO CALL HOME by Alexis Deacon, Illustrated by Viviane Schwarz

Hey everybody, I have a book to share with you:  A PLACE TO CALL HOME written by Alexis Deacon and illustrated by Viviane Schwarz. (Published by Walker Books 2011). 

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this book because it reminded me how I had intended to look up more of author/illustrator Viviane Schwarz's work after reading THERE ARE CATS IN THIS BOOK. I love the expressions she gives her characters, and the over all life in her pictures.
The author of A PLACE TO CALL HOME,  Alexis Deacon has been a great discovery for me as well, he is a very good author and illustrator.

This book is cute, it's funny, it's about a crew of (gopher? hamster?) siblings who out grow their cozy hole. They are a bit disoriented as they embark upon a search for a new home. Things like this happen:

This book cracks me up. I am sure you would enjoy it too.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I've been doing lately

Life's been hopping.
There is the business of this secret project I am collaborating on. I will share news as soon as I can- it's children's book related and will be something for purchase in a store.
The sun has been blessing Seattle by showing up, so we've been gardening and playing outside.
My mom and my sister Eleni were in town for Eleni's graduation- my little sis now has a PHD! Woah. I am  proud of her, she worked so hard for this.
We are in the last week of preschool for my oldest daughter and next week her new kindergarten has an orientation before summer starts. Big stuff.
So much has happened in 2013 already. I am happy to feel productive so far.
Bring it summer.

I also wanted to share a very non-summer photo my sister Jenny dug up for my mom's mother's day. These are 3 of 4 Romano sisters with my mom in the log house (mid- construction) my dad built for us in upstate NY. Good memories. That's me in the purple jacket.