Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lawton Elementary School Mural

On the eve of the first day of the Seattle schools' summer, I feel calm, happy, and dead tired. This is the big mural project that has consumed much of my life since May 1st.

I must add how fortunate I feel to have been a part of this. The Lawton Elementary playground mural was in need of updates. One of the teachers in charge of making it happen asked if it was anything I would be interested in or had experience with. Sure, I'd painted some murals. Oh yeah- also they wanted to have every student (430 kids) be involved. I said "No sweat." Right?

The organization and execution of this gargantuan thing was made possible by some very amazing faculty and volunteers at Lawton. I was a little daunted at first, but it happened. We did some planning, we did some talking, I outlined, the kids painted. We finished. (1100 sq. ft) It was so easy.

Here are a few photos of the process and the end result.

Yeah Lawton, High fives all around!

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