Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh- What's That?- A Children's Book App?

I can unleash the news now that in the little old Apple App store/ iTunes store you can find a children's book app called "My Day" which was conceived of by John Romano at Egads Press, co-written by he and I, and illustrated by me.

"My Day" is an end of the day story kids can personalize with their own photos. The story takes one through the happenings of what we thought are universal and cross-cultural in the lives of many children. This was one of the challenges of illustrating such a story; where the main character is the user. Each user is a unique individual with a different family and life than the next. With that in mind as I illustrated, I sought to get a wider scope of a child's life. How they are connected with everything on planet earth.

"My Day" is a reminiscing of a day passed- it is meant to relax and settle a child, they can mentally prepare for the next sun up and all of the possibilities that await. Going through daily events can help with visualizing the "arc" in activity level, and resigning into the natural lull of the evening.

 I also made activity pages that are in the app, they can be colored and drawn on a device or printed out for use. Any pages of the book or activities can be shared by e-mail or social networking sites.

Check out the publisher's website (Egad's Press) page for "My Day:

and in the iTunes/Apple store:

Here are a few of the illustrations in "My Day"...


  1. Very cool! Love that little turtle.

  2. So awesome, Sarah! Congrats! I love your purple whales :)

  3. It's gorgeous! Congrats--what an incredible job you did! Got it on my ipad already and it's wonderful :)

  4. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your sweet wholesome vibrant style!!!!!!! Sarah these are great. what a neat aspect and opportunity. What fun.