Friday, April 26, 2013

Little League, Big League

Springtime reminds me of my little league days. I sketched this last night, a self portrait of my stint on the Schuylerville Allstars.

I feel like reminiscing a little more, if you don't mind. I would also love to hear about any memories you have of little league- or just something of spring.
Some of my best/ most vivid little league memories: 

1. At the beginning of each season we got man sized trucker hats with our uniforms. We always wondered why. Maybe the trucker hats were more affordable.

2. Big League Chew was the coolest- but actually gross- it lost all flavor before you could count the third pitch.

3. One time a big game was about to start but I was starving so I ate a hot dog really fast and choked. My mom's friend Faith tried the heimlich maneuver which didn't work so she had to stick her fingers down my throat to sweep the hot dog out. This in front of a lot of people, and I didn't feel like such a hot shot anymore. It was nice to breathe again.

4. There was a giant mulberry tree next to my team's home field. We'd make ourselves sick off berries.

5. It was fun to play baseball! 

Do you have any memories to share of little league or spring traditions?

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  1. OMG, the hot dog story. CLASSIC! I wish I was in little league. My mom and dad worked full time so I missed out on a lot of stuff but I spent most of my time drawing :)